What is intentional matchmaking?

Intentional matchmaking is at the cornerstone of our work at Givver – it’s all about relationships. Starting with our founders, Marla and Becca, who are lifelong friends, we know that there is simply nothing more productive than the deep trust and empathy that comes with a well-developed long-term relationship.

Developing deep relationships with each and every one of our clients is Givver’s secret sauce. We start every project with a deep dive to get to know the families, teams and individuals involved on a truly personal level. Over time, we deepen our knowledge of what each client’s ideal partner, funder, or grantee organization looks like. The more we know and appreciate the uniqueness of our partners, the better we can serve their specialized needs.

And then the matchmaking magic begins! Creating a positive, equitable, authentic relationship between funders and grantees is much more than writing or accepting checks. At Givver, we matchmake based on shared values, similar work styles, and common goals for repairing the world.

As the Givver network grows, so does our ability to create even stronger connections that benefit everyone in the network! Ultimately this will create more opportunities for connections to happen organically, built on our core values of authenticity, transparency, empathy, trust and joy.