Everyone is a Givver, no matter how you give.

Explore different ways of giving and learn how Givver supports each one.

People give time to feel more connected to the causes they support and to experience the impact of their work first-hand.


Donating money to a project or organization is a highly effective method of getting the resources to make a difference.


Every introduction you make is an opportunity for new relationships to bloom, additional resources to share, and greater fulfillment.


Innovation starts when we bring diverse, bright minds together to share ideas.


Everyone brings a unique set of skills to the table, which can be used to achieve and even supplement an organization’s mission.


Giving through compassion can take many forms, such as listening, advocacy, educating yourself and others, and empathy.


When people share their stories, we can develop intentional and compassionate solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

Lived Experience

Giving love makes our work more joyful, equitable, and impactful.