Nonprofit Growth

Looking to grow your nonprofit?

Givver clients are:

Entrepreneurial Startups

seeking to grow and build

Established Organizations

looking to increase footprint or scale nationally

Every Strategic Nonprofit

wanting to expand audience or program offerings

How We Create Growth

Work with you to identify organizational needs and areas for growth
Collaborate with your professionals and stakeholders to prepare an innovative growth plan
Provide ongoing training and support as we implement the strategic plan
Introduce you to philanthropists with similar values and interests

How We Support Clients

Our non-profit advisors will be your guides to the back-end business of your organization, assisting with:

Why We Love It

Repairing the world should be mindful, impactful, grateful, and most importantly, joyful to nonprofits and philanthropists alike. We seek to empower passion-based nonprofit leaders with all the resources they need to thrive, while leaving the programming and community servicing to the experts in your organization.

Characteristics of Effective Nonprofits

Research shows that the most effective nonprofits have:

Solid Fiscal Management Processes
Diverse Range of Revenue Sources
Explicit and Transparent Operational Procedures
A Strategic Plan!