Philanthropic Advising

Could a Philanthropic Advisor Support Your Journey?

Givver clients are:

Entrepreneurial Philanthropists


Wealth Generators


NextGen Donors


Newly-Developed Family Foundations

How We Do It

Help you determine your philanthropic priorities
Vet and present funding opportunities that align with your values
Work with selected nonprofits to establish evaluation measures and set them up for success
Create a long term giving strategy based on how you want to have impact

Givver Philanthropic Advisors

Our philanthropic advisors have a wide range of expertise.

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Why We Love It

Repairing the world should be mindful, impactful, grateful, and most importantly, joyful to nonprofits and philanthropists alike. We seek to change power dynamics, build thought partnerships and work together to provide maximum impact in your efforts to make the world a better place, while avoiding the at times “icky” parts of this work.

We want to help you overcome your philanthropic challenges.
Did you know?

0 %
of affluent donors stopped giving because they received too many requests from the organization.
0 %
of affluent donors considered it a challenge to identify what they care about and what to donate to.
0 %
of affluent donors are unsure if their giving is having the intended impact.
0 %
of donors had indicated that they would like to become more knowledgeable about on aspect of charitable giving.
0 %
of donors had concerns related to navigating the donor-nonprofit