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We strive to meet the unique needs of each of our clients. Together with non-profit leaders and philanthropists, we will customize a scope of work that best fits the needs of any organization.
The services listed below are just some examples of the in-depth work we do with our clients!

Nonprofit Growth Services

Strategic Growth Engagements

Program length: 1 year

We will work with you through a 4-tiered approach of research and information-gathering, plan development, and then successful implementation for short-term and long-term development in any areas where the need is identified.

Grant Writing Support

Program length: 1 year

We will work with a member of your team to identify grant opportunities relevant to your organization and assist with grant application and reporting processes.

*Givver does not solicit funds on behalf of any of our clients. All solicitations must be performed by members of organization staff.

Fundraising Training

Program length: 3 months

We will work with you through a 3-month fundraising coaching and fund development engagement, which we will incorporate into your organization’s general growth strategy.

General Support

Program length: To be determined

We are happy to support your organization in many ways, including:

  • Advising the Executive Director/CEO
  • Supporting the Professional Team
  • Material and Communications Review Benchmarking
  • Providing Feedback
  • Training and Coaching

Philanthropic Advising Services

Concierge Philanthropy

Program length: 1 year

Designed to meet and exceed all your philanthropic goals, we provide expert and strategic guidance, ongoing gift management, relationship building, and entrepreneurial approaches to thought- leadership and new program creation. We place your values, mission, and goals at the core of every thoughtful matchmaking introduction.

Full Portfolio Development

Program length: 6 months

We use the same strategic planning, research, and vetting process as in our Concierge Philanthropy engagement to find potential partners. We will serve as ambassadors for your philanthropic funds until the introductions are made. From there, you will further build the relationships and determine allocations.

One Round of Funding

Program length: 3 months

We will address your immediate giving needs for a specific amount of funding within a short-term time period. We will
conduct a micro-version of our Philanthropic Portfolio process to identify options for immediate initial impact and make recommendations on how best to allocate the funding round.

General Support

Program length: To be determined

We are happy to support your philanthropy in any many ways, including:

  • Acting as Philanthropic Educators and Mentors
  • Serving as NextGen Strategists
  • Creating fundraising plans for passion projects
  • Setting up and managing family foundations and offices
  • Building legacy through leadership, engagement, and scaling

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