Intentional Matchmaking

People are so much more than checkbooks or checkboxes.

We strive to make the giving ecosystem more sincere and democratic by focusing on equity, justice, and connection.

How We Do It

Establish meaningful relationships with all of our partners to fully understand the causes, experiences, and values that inspire their work
Make thoughtful introductions between nonprofits, philanthropists, and other Givvers who are working towards similar goals or share similar points of view
Facilitate partnerships as advisors, coaches, connectors, or anything else you may need!
Welcome any new contributors to the Givver network to keep growing and transforming our impact!

Why We Love It

The connections made through our Givver network have
resulted in unparalleled thought-partnerships and cutting-edge
solutions to the world’s most pressing issues – not to mention a
deeper and more joyful giving experience for all.

How It Works

We will help connect you to other Givvers who share your values and also want to repair the world.

Matchmaking in Action

The Latino Community Center and the Segal Family Foundation first connected through our network, creating a “multiplier” effect that led to more funding, more support, and more impact.


Gaining Perspective

0 %
of all donors would be influenced to give more if they were introduced to new and different ways of engaging with philanthropy.
0 %
of entrepreneurs want to be personally involved in charities, as opposed to just making financial contributions.
0 %
of affluent donors were unsure if their giving is having the intended impact.